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Physical Activity Guide and Toolkit for the Workplace


Physical Activity at the Workplace
Workplaces will experience many cost benefits when they invest in physical activity programmes for their staff. Research has shown that the benefits that the individual employee receives will be reflected in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and reduced staff turn-over to name a few (UK Health and Safety Executive 2004).

Getting Started
This section addresses the structure that needs to be in place at a company for the physical activity programme or any work place wellness programme to begin and be sustained. It looks at finding out the needs of the individuals as it relates to physical activity and the resources needed for the programme. The section also highlights the ways in which the persons with special needs can still be accommodated in a physical activity programme.

Programme Design
The design of the programme is based on information received from the staff and the type of resources that will be invested in the programme. The programme should be marketed to all staff and having
begun, it should be carefully monitored and evaluated.


This comprises useful and relevant information sheets, as well as forms to be filled out, that will help individual employees assess their own health status.

Download Physical Activity Guide and Toolkit for the Workplace 

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