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Acquiring school text books 

Plan your shopping routes carefully to avoid spending days in search of school supplies.

Remember that the best guard against purchasing the wrong textbook is to take the booklist along to the store.

Before writing your child’s name in the book, check the edition, author and the publisher’s name given on the book list.

Purchase notebooks with hard covers. They cost a little more but they last longer.


Caring for text books

Encourage your child to do the following care:

Wrap books to safeguard and preserve them.

Keep pens, markers covered and keep paint away from uniforms.

Take special care where and how books, bags are used.

When it rains, wrap books in plastic bags before placing them in the school bag.

Find a safe place during play to secure bags to prevent possible theft.

Make book markers and use them instead of bending the pages of books.

Avoid defacing the pages of textbooks so that they may be resold or traded.


Finding the best uniforms for the new school term 

New uniforms are not always necessary. Save if you can and revive the old ones. Do not place undue pressure on your already burdened pocket. Decide how many are ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Some schools require direct purchase ONLY or have outsourced a supplier. Find out what the arrangements are before purchasing.

Compare prices i.e. the supplier versus have them made by a dressmaker or tailor. Purchasing ready-made may be more convenient but not always economical.

Identify a professional dressmaker or tailor who can make the uniforms to the school’s specifications and deliver on time. You may need to purchase or request a pattern from the school for the tailor to use as a guide.

Get precise measurements to determine how much fabric you may need. Find out the necessary width (60 or 45 inches) of the fabric in relation to the measurements (e.g. 3 or 5 yards) given. The width will determine how much length you will need to purchase.

When purchasing the fabric examine it inch by inch. Look for water marks, inconsistency in colour, poor threading, etc. Retain your receipt in the event you have to return the fabric.

If you choose to purchase small amounts as you are able to afford, keep a sample square inch in your handbag. This will assist the store clerk in identifying the exact texture and shade of the material on your next trip.

Check all uniforms for the following:

1. Buttons are fastened securely

2. Zippers work easily without snags

3. There is a seam allowance for your child’s movement and growth, and

4. Loose threads to make the clothes appear untidy

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