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World Heart Day is observed on September 29 annually.

It was started in 2000 to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading causes of death.

It is estimated that combined they cause over 17 million deaths worldwide each year.

Risk factors that may lead to heart disease and stroke include poor diet and lack of physical activity.

To counter these effects, the Ministry of Health (MOH) recommends maintaining a diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds accompanied by essential fats and oils, as well as regular exercise.

Through programmes, such as “Jamaica Moves” and dietary information made available to the public, the MOH aims to reduce Jamaicans’ risk of developing heart disease and promote overall good health of the nation.

For more information, please contact the:
Ministry of Health
10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5

Tel: 876-633-8172 or 876-633-7771


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