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In a competitive global market, the natural environment plays an impactful role in the success of any country’s economy. Therefore, the fourth National Goal of the Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan has this focus – “Jamaica has a healthy natural environment”.

The National Outcomes for this Goal are:

  1. Sustainable management and use of environmental and natural resources
  2. Hazard risk reduction and adaptation to climate change
  3. Sustainable urban and rural development

There have been new and continued efforts to realise this goal and its outcomes. Some of the following have been done to achieve a healthy and natural environment:

  • Annual Coastal Clean-up activities island-wide on International Coastal Clean-up Day hosted by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).
  • National Clean-up Campaign by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development to teach proper disposal of garbage and the destruction of mosquito breeding sites.
  • Measures to strengthen anti-litter laws by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development.
  • Repairs undertaken to minor water systems across the island.
  • Renewable energy plants commissioned into operation. These include the Wigton III and BMR Jamaica wind farms.
  • Government support of local farmers to boost agricultural output and grow the sector.
  • Training of farmers in climate-smart agricultural practices.
  • The repair of rural roadways in sections of St. Ann, St. Mary and St. Andrew.
  • The commencement of repairs to major roadways in Kingston.

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