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The third goal of Vision 2030 Jamaica is to ensure that “Jamaica’s economy is prosperous”.  There are six (6) National Outcomes for this National Goal. These are:

  • A stable macro economy
  • An enabling business environment
  • Strong economic infrastructure
  • Energy security and efficiency
  • A technology-enabled society
  • Internationally competitive industry structures

Some actions carried out by the Government between 2009 and 2016 to attain this National Goal include:

  • The establishment of the Economic Growth Council which will advise the Government on initiatives to achieve economic growth. For the July to September 2016 quarter, the economy experienced its highest growth percentage since 2007.
  • Launching the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) model to assist micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with management difficulties.
  • The implementation of the Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement project to diversify the country’s energy sources and gain private sector investment to help reduce the cost of energy locally.
  • Adding electricity to the national grid by commissioning the operation of the Wigton III Wind Farm to generate renewable energy.
  • The distribution of more than 16,000 tablets to students through the Tablet in Schools project.
  • Hosting DigitalJam and animation workshops teaching youth how to create mobile applications and contribute to the global animation industry.
  • The creation of Start-Up Jamaica to assist young technology entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills, technology, business and legal support to expand their business.
  • The creation of more Community Access Points (CAPs) which allow even more Jamaicans to have access to the internet.
  • The construction of the Rare Earth Elements Extraction Plant which undertakes bauxite red mud mineral extraction for export and trade.

Continued efforts are being made to grow the nation’s economy and embrace technological advancements as outlined in Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan.

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