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The benefits of buying and eating local produce are continuously highlighted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF). This is part of the Government’s efforts to encourage economic growth and improve the health of the citizens. Listed below are some health and economic benefits of buying local produce.

Health Benefits

  1. Locally grown produce often contain few or no pesticides.
  2. The produce can be sold preservative free, as they are generally consumed shortly after harvest and do not need to have a long shelf life.
  3. Local produce is more easily accessible, compared to imported produce.
  4. Local produce is generally fresher than imported produce, since the time between harvest and consumption is shorter than that of imported produce.

Economic Benefits

  1. Buying local produce supports local businesses.
  2. Buying local produce creates and maintains jobs.
  3. Local produce is more affordable than imported produce, as transportation costs are lower.

How to obtain local produce

Local foods may be purchased from community farmers, farmers markets, supermarkets and wholesales. In addition, as encouraged by the Ministry, those who are able to do so can grow their own produce. You may contact the Ministry’s regional offices for farming tips.

For more information, please contact the:
Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries
Hope Gardens
Kingston 6
Tel: (876) 927-1731-50/619-1731
Fax: (876) 927-1904

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