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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) is taking steps toward disbursing all National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension payments electronically.

Currently, some NIS pensioners receive their payments through direct deposit. However, the majority receive payments by cashing in vouchers and cheques provided by the Ministry.

Compared with cheque and voucher payments, electronic direct deposits have several advantages. Among these are lower operational costs and less paper waste.

Those who wish to receive their pension payments by direct deposit should fill out the NIS Direct Deposit Information Form, which is available at MLSS parish offices. The form may also be downloaded from the Ministry’s website, at

For more information, please contact the:

National Insurance Scheme (NIS)
18 Ripon Road
Kingston 5
Tel: (876) 929-7177

Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Social Security Division
14 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Tel: (876) 922-8000-13, (888) 991-2089 (Toll Free)

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