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A 2014 study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention shows that students who are undernourished may have lower math scores and poorer cognitive function than other children.

On the other hand, students who consume a balanced diet tend to perform well academically and cognitively.

Recommendations from the Ministry of Health (MOH) are that children be given a daily diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains, supplemented in smaller amounts by meat and dairy.

The MOH also recommends a reduction in the intake of sweets and fats.

Parents are encouraged to pack lunches of healthy foods for their children such as oats, fish, roast chicken and seasonal fruits, along with water instead of sweetened drinks.

For more information, please contact the:
Ministry of Health
10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5
Tel: 876-633-8172 or 876-633-7771

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