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Exceptional and far reaching measures have been taken to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the Greater Portmore Wastewater Treatment site in St. Catherine and interfering with crocodiles at the facility.

The NWC implemented the measures to safeguard public safety and protect the crocodiles in their natural habitat.

The installation of approximately 600 meters of perimeter fencing is now under way and is approximately ninety percent (90%) complete. The fencing is made of concrete poles and barbed wire and is located at the northern boundary of the pond site. An important feature of the fencing is that it separates the pond from several communities in the area including the Sabina housing scheme.

Additionally, several safety signs are now in place to discourage and warn persons from entering the premises. Members of the public are strongly urged to heed the warnings as it is extremely dangerous to enter the site and interfere the crocodiles, by among other things feeding them. Such actions endanger lives.

Security personnel will continue to monitor the site office and there will be a focus on the access point of the boundary fence. These measures are constantly under review and adjustments will be made wherever necessary.

It should be further noted that the NWC is looking forward to supporting the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) public education initiatives on this important issue.

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