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Patrons visiting the Denbigh Agricultural Show this year can look forward to a more customer-friendly environment, as they will have improved parking facilities, trained tour guides and directional signs at various strategic points on and off the showground.
President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant told JIS News that due to the thousands of persons who visit the show, patrons would not be allowed to drive freely on to the compound, but would instead, be allowed to park at designated areas on the complex.
Events Co-ordinator for Denbigh, Doreen Hibbert, underscored the fact that patrons could in fact look forward to a more customer-friendly environment, especially in regard to the parking arrangements that are being put in place.
“You are going to see an improved Denbigh this year, in terms of the layout of the grounds…and having improved parking facilities,” Miss Hibbert told JIS News.
“One of the things that we will be concentrating on, is managing the flow of vehicular traffic as well as the flow of pedestrians, and we are putting in barriers to prevent vehicles on the ground during showtime,” she added.
With respect to the parking facilities, Miss Hibbert said that patrons would be allowed to park in the general parking area located at gate number 6, which is situated at the southern end of the showground, while livestock exhibitors would enter and park at gate number 5 located at the western end.
She noted that exhibitors and farmers of the various parish pavilions would only be allowed to enter through gate number 3 with their commodities, and they would be required to park between gates 2 and 3, which are located at the eastern and northern ends of the showground, respectively. No parking would be allowed within the exhibition area, she emphasized. Gate number 4, located at the northern end of the compound will accommodate VIPs, including the Governor General, the Prime Minister and other dignitaries. Tickets will be sold at all entrances except gates 2, 4 and 5.
Only emergency vehicles, such as the police, ambulance and fire trucks will be allowed to enter and exit at any of the gates, depending on where the emergency has occurred. Parking facilities will also be put in place specifically for the media.
In addition to improved parking, Lawrence Madden, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the JAS, said that visitors would also be able to easily locate the various booths and exhibitions on the grounds due to the implementation of signs at various points on the compound. In addition, patrons coming from May Pen, Mandeville and the Bustamante Highway would also see signs indicating where the event is being held.
Trained tour guides will also be at various points on the compound to assist visitors to locate various exhibitions, view demonstrations and other activities.
Mr. Madden pointed out that First Aid facilities would be placed at three locations – near the President’s Pavilion, located at the western end of the compound; near the livestock area, also located at the western end of the compound; and at the Exhibitors House, located in the centre of the showground.
Trained nurses and a doctor would ‘man’ the facilities for the duration of the event, which will get underway on July 30 and ends on August 1.

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