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The Ministry of Development is developing a comprehensive 20-year development plan to monitor the various socio-economic investments expected to emerge from the Portmore to Clarendon stretch of Highway 2000. Minister of Development Dr. Paul Robertson made the disclosure during his 2005/06 Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament on Tuesday (July 12).
Minister Robertson explained that the passage of road would open up parts of the island, which were not previously available for development. He added that new business ventures in eco-tourism, farming, a range of industrial enterprises and residential communities were just some of the opportunities that would flow from the investment.
“But we are not going to allow these developments to take place in any haphazard fashion. That’s why we are developing a comprehensive 20-year development plan officially known as the Portmore to Clarendon Park Highway 2000 Corridor Development Plan 2004-2025,” Dr Robertson announced. The plan is to be tabled in Parliament soon.
He noted that the plan would be developed and implemented in stages and that most importantly the final plan would involve not only central government but also the municipalities and parish councils in Portmore, St. Catherine and Clarendon.
Additionally Minister Robertson explained that the area covered by the plan was also expanded to include central and southern Clarendon, extending from May Pen in the North to the coast in the south.
Meanwhile, in St. Catherine the plan extends from Spanish Town in the north to the Coast.
The Development Minister also informed that the plan would see areas reserved for specific industrial, agricultural, residential, conservation and eco-tourism and recreational activities.

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