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Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland , Dr. Marcia Graham. (File Photo)
Photo: Serena Grant

Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland, Dr. Marcia Graham, says the staging of illegal parties threatens to further increase the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the parish.

Dr. Graham was addressing the monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation at the entity’s location in Savanna-la-Mar on November 12.

“In terms of persons who are having illegal parties, it is a real threat. Some of you hide and you do not go on the main road where you will be seen, but you are a threat to yourself and to others,” she said.

“When you finish partying you go home, and what about the older persons living in your home that are vulnerable and can get fatal COVID even if you remain asymptomatic? I am saying that we are doing a lot in the name of fun and it is no longer funny. We need to take precautions,” she emphasised.

Dr. Graham informed that as at November 12, there were 32 persons with COVID-19 in isolation in the parish, 13 of whom were in isolation at home.

In addition, the Public Health Department is monitoring 947 persons in home quarantine.

Dr. Graham is imploring Jamaicans to ensure that their relatives or friends visiting from overseas adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

“Please, we need each and every one of you to help. If someone comes from overseas, whatever ‘goodies’ they bring for you, please allow them to keep it until they have done their quarantine. Help them to stay compliant so that we can protect all of us. I am appealing for your help and your support; all of us need to tackle COVID-19 together,” she said.

She noted that the staff of the health department in the parish will be meeting to determine how they will be expanding the COVID-19 public education initiatives in the parish.

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