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The National Meteorological Service has advised the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) that a hurricane watch is ineffect for Jamaica as Tropical Storm Ernesto has developed into a Categorary 1 hurricane as it approaches the East Coast of Jamaica.
This means that hurricane Ernesto could begin to pose a significant threat to persons on the Eastern and Northern end of the island; therefore persons living in the Parishes of St. Thomas, Portland and St. Ann, St. Mary, will begin to feel deteriorating conditions within the next 2- 3 hours.
A significant threat from flash flooding, land slippages is imminent as heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder storms are associated with theHurricane.
Residents living in low lying, flood prone, landslides areas and areas subject to sudden flooding are advised to make plans to move to stay with relatives and friends in safer areas or to shelters closest to them.
Put together an emergency supplies kit with enough items to last a few days. Make sure to include tinned food, water, a battery-powered radio, aflashlight, extra batteries, and a first aid kit and family medication.
The following shelters in these high-risk areas are currently opened:
. Happy Groove . Manchioneal . Bell Castle . Penny Hill . Norwich . Ken Wright School . Titchfield High . Brand Infant . Brand Primary . Port Antonio High . Windsor College . Bell View All Age . Fellowship Primary . Comfort Castle All Age School . Comfort Castle SDA . Fellowship Baptist . Normal Primary . Hope Bay All Age School . St. Margaret’s Bay All Age . Point Hillsville All Age School . Bull Bay Primary . Salvation Army Church Port Antonio . Belvedere All Age School . Windsor Castle All Age
. Annotto Bay High School/All Age . Port Maria 7th Day Baptist
Continue to monitor your radio for further advisories.

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