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The House of Representatives, on July 26, approved the Electricity (Net Billing) Regulations 2022, which are intended to provide opportunities for fuel diversification, development, and deployment of renewable energy sources.

The aim is to have a modern, efficient, and environmentally sustainable energy sector that is affordable and accessible.

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Hon. Daryl Vaz, told the House that the regulations have come at a time when recent global events have brought the need for energy diversification into sharp focus.

He said there has been a steady movement towards the development and deployment of renewable energy sources since the launch of the National Energy Policy 2019-2030.

The Minister explained that the policy establishes the framework for the transformation of Jamaica’s energy sector from an overdependence on petroleum and high customer prices.

“This steady progression has seen the movement of the target for renewable energy shifting from 20 per cent to the current 50 per cent, in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel,” he said.

Minister Vaz noted that consultations were held to develop the regulations, noting that they are intended to provide the legal framework for generation of electricity by self-generators.

They also aim to provide the parameters to ensure that the grid is not negatively affected by net billing arrangements; to enable the structured alignment with the integrated resource plan for distributed energy resources on the grid; facilitate energy sector investment, while ensuring transparency, safety, affordability, accessibility, sustainability, continuity, reliability and consumer protection.

This should increase the contribution of distributed renewable energy in the energy supply mix, while allowing widescale participation in the energy sector.

“As Jamaica considers the problems of energy supply, global warming and our national climate goals, the passing of these regulations is critical to the Government’s attempt to provide opportunities for fuel diversification development and deployment of distributed renewable energy,” the Minister said.

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