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The Civil Service Establishment (General) Order Resolution 2006 was approved by the House of Representatives, yesterday (January 30).
Deputy Leader of Government Business in the House and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Fitz Jackson explained that, “the resolution seeks to amend the existing Civil Service Order of 2005 which, under the Civil Service Act, the government is required to table changes made in the civil service establishment annually”.
“The Order is in three parts. Part one sets out the salaries and allowances existing in the service. Part two sets out the established posts and part three sets out the abolished posts in the civil service,” informed Mr. Jackson.
He pointed out that in respect of part one, there have been 72 classification groups. “In part two, it sets out changes in the posts in the Ministries and in that regard, 74 posts were created, 79 posts were reclassified, 38 posts were upgraded and 41 posts were re-titled,” Mr. Jackson said.
The Minister also informed the House that in respect of part three of the Order, 31 posts were abolished from the establishment of several Ministries.
“These changes in all three sections of the Order will result in a reduction of the civil service complement from 40,844 to 40,502,” he pointed out.
The Minister noted that included in the changes were the provision of staff for the new convalescent home for the Police and the “provision of posts as the modernisation of ministries continue”.
He added that the changes also provide for the upgrading of posts in the internal audit section and taxation policy division of the Ministry of Finance and Planning; for posts in the Office of the Prime Minister for the access to information section; and for the classification of posts in the nutrition and dietetic technician series of the paramedical group.