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State Minister for Education, Youth and Culture, Dr. Donald Rhodd today (March 10) launched the National Policy for the Management of HIV/AIDS in Schools Debating Competition at a ceremony held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Ruthven Road.
The competition is targeted at students aged 11 to 17 years in 64 schools across the island, and is designed to increase awareness about the National Policy for the Management of HIV/AIDS in Schools.
In his address, Dr. Rhodd explained that the competition would highlight, in particular, “the issue that no student, staff or workers within any school should be denied access to work, study or participation in any school activity based on real or perceived HIV status”.
The competition will see students, with support from their teachers, who will double as coaches, researching and debating moots based on the National Policy for HIV/AIDS Management in Schools.
“We are giving students and teachers an opportunity to engage in research about HIV/AIDS.they will have access to copies of the schools’ policy and the National HIV/AIDS Policy that contains basic facts about HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Rhodd said.
The competition is slated to get underway next week with regional eliminations, and will culminate with the national finals on Wednesday, April 26.
The national champion will receive a trophy sponsored by Global Fund Jamaica, while the runner-up institution and regional champions, will also receive trophies. There will be individual prizes for members of the winning and runner-up teams, the winning coach and best debater.
The debating competition is supported by the Global Fund to Scale up Treatment, Prevention and Policy Efforts in Jamaica, and is being organised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture and the National HIV/STI Control Programme.

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