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Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Canada, Carl Marshall, has praised the accomplishments of those Jamaicans in Canada, who do well and make all Jamaicans proud.
“Let us continue to applaud and recognize our nationals who continue to excel and make their mark in their various fields of endeavour,” High Commissioner Marshall said in his Christmas message for 2005.
Noting that the Jamaican family extended far and wide across Canada, the High Commissioner said he was looking forward to the continuing collaboration with the many Jamaican organizations in this country, “which are promoting the spirit of community as they pursue ways to maintain productive links to home”.
He also urged nationals at home and in Canada, to reflect on their blessings during the holy season. “Having witnessed a year marked by record global natural disasters, we need to take the time to thank God for Jamaica being spared the full wrath of hurricanes. At the same time, we commiserate with those who have been affected and are still endeavouring to return to normality,” he stated.
He further expressed appreciation to those Jamaicans, who continue to offer a helping hand to those in need. “We are grateful that the spirit of national unity continues to bolster the collective will to help those in greater need.”
He ended by wishing all Jamaicans “a peaceful and enjoyable 2005 Christmas season marked by the goodwill displayed on that first Christmas morning”.