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Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK), His Excellency Anthony Johnson, takes the spotlight in the December issue of the prestigious London-based Diplomat Magazine.
The High Commissioner, who took up office in May, was selected for the magazine’s monthly portrait.
Diplomat is a foreign affairs magazine that provokes intelligent discussion from the heart of the Diplomatic community in London. The 63-year old magazine provides a unique insight into the minds of the most prominent world leaders and governments.
The publication’s mix of high quality analysis, political commentary on world affairs and interviews with Ambassadors, makes it essential reading for the diplomatic community and those working in foreign affairs.
As Jamaica’s special representative in London, the High Commissioner’s mandate is to promote trade and diplomatic relations between the island and Britain. He notes with favour the centuries-old relationship between the two countries.
“We are grateful because Jamaica is very much on the map in the UK. The British economy is still the seventh largest in the world, and has great potential to be a large overseas investor, especially as our countries understand each other due to their history,” he said.
In an earlier interview with the Diplomat, the High Commissioner said that chief among his responsibilities is to tend to the welfare of the Jamaican Diaspora in the UK. He estimates that the number of British people of Jamaican descent, most of who were born in the UK, is now approaching one million.
“Today, there are probably as many Jamaicans outside the island as there are living in Jamaica, and they send $2.8 billion a year back to Jamaica. With the second and third generations, links with the country are loosened, but it is our business to ensure that the Diaspora stays focused and interested in Jamaica,” he said.
Since May, High Commissioner Johnson has visited a number of UK cities and towns including Birmingham, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Leicester, and Manchester to meet with Diaspora groups and businesses persons. In September, he officially launched the Jamaica Diaspora Web Portal.
The High Commission has been encouraging Jamaicans to enter into the field of business and teach their children to appreciate the island’s rich and diverse heritage and culture.
High Commissioner Johnson presented his credentials (as non-resident Ambassador) to President of Ireland, Mary McAlees in November. He also serves as non-resident Ambassador to Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.