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Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon Mike Henry, has ordered an immediate investigation into allegations that Transport Authority (TA) personnel are using the agency’s vehicles to chase and hit targeted vehicles on enforcement operations.

Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon Mike Henry.

Mr. Henry, responding to another allegation of such an action Friday (September 24), has directed that if the practice has been taking place, “it should cease with immediate effect”.
The Ministry, in a release on the issue, said that in furthering his desire to foster an improved method of engagement between TA personnel and public passenger vehicle (PPV) and commercial vehicle (CMC) operators, Mr. Henry has ordered a review of current methods of engagement.
He said he was aware of the awesome challenges which the TA personnel face daily in their bid to adequately regulate public passenger and commercial vehicle operations, including some elements bent on lawlessness, as was displayed on Wednesday night. However, he said he was also concerned about recent reports of the method allegedly being employed by members of the TA’s operational teams.
“I am not here laying blame or passing any form of judgment, just seeking to establish the facts and being prepared to ensure that due respect is accorded both ways in any engagement by the Transport Authority, as would be appropriate for all the other agencies within my portfolio,” the Minister said.
He added that his decision to outlaw the extreme muscle-flexing approach, even at thIS allegation stage, was because “there is no way I would consciously sanction such an approach.”

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