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Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Shahine Robinson, has called on all Parliamentarians to use the $20 million earmarked for them in the 2009-2010 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as a way to uplift the Jamaican people.
Participating in the debate on the economy in Parliament earlier this week , Minister Robinson said, “As leaders we need to leave divisiveness behind us and to mould consensus around a common vision for the prosperity and sustained transformation of the Jamaican society.The CDF provides the opportunity for us to participate in this process beyond our role of legislators. This is where our creative energies, combined with those of our constituents, can come together now, and we can see real entrepreneurship emerging from communities.”
Noting that the CDF can be the kick start to productivity throughout the nation, Minister Robinson said, “I believe that this fund at this time can catalyze a lot of investments and give new hope and meaning to communities that have been neglected for many years throughout Jamaica…The task is ours to use this allocation to build the capacities of our communities to receive investments.”
The Minister said that CDF projects have made a positive impact in communities when schools were built, roads rehabilitated and multi-purpose courts were laid. She also noted that it has especially impacted rural life as it allowed income generating projects to start. “Rural agricultural development has taken place. Many members of Parliament have allocated monies to RADA offices in their parishes and many small farmers have benefitted in a meaningful way. Greenhouse technology, fish farming, ornamentals, horticulture, all kinds of agricultural industries have been undertaken since the inception of the CDF,” said Minister Robinson. She promised that she would ensure that the CDF remains impartial in its allocations and that her unit would protect the Fund’s integrity at all costs

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