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Plans for Labour Day activities in the parish of Hanover are now at a high level, with the number of projects registered with the Labour Day planning committee numbering 25 and climbing.
This is inclusive of the Parish/National Project, which is the refurbishing of the West Haven Children’s Home, located in the Copse area of the parish. The home caters to mentally challenged children.
Labour Day will be observed on Monday, May 24, under the theme: ‘Our Children.Show Them We Care’.
At a meeting of the planning committee of the Hanover Parish Council, on May 17, Secretary/Manager of the Council, Mrs. Patricia Sinclair-Stair, appealed to the business community within the parish for more support towards the parish/national project.
The scope of work to be carried out on the project on Labour Day include the covering of a concrete drain; the repair and installation of clothes closets, cabinet and shelves; the replacement of windows and doors; the replacement of tiles and grills; upholstering work and grooming of the compound. Estimates are that more than $300,000 will be required to do all the work.
According to the Secretary/Manager, the National Labour Day Secretariat will be contributing some cash and materials, but more will be needed to do all the planned activities. It is against this background that she is appealing to the private sector for support.
Mrs. Sinclair-Stair is also reminding community groups and individuals to register their Labour Day projects with the parish planning committee, so that the full scope of work to be carried out throughout the parish on Labour Day can be fully recorded. Registration forms are available at the Parish Council Office and the Social Development Commission office (SDC), in Lucea.

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