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The Atlanta-based Integrity Children’s Fund has launched its own brand of Jamaican flavoured coffee to raise funds to fight teenage illiteracy in Jamaica.
To produce the new coffee brand, Integrity Children’s Fund has joined forces with Aroma Ridge, a company specialising in the production of specialty coffees.
In an interview with JIS News, Manager of Aroma Ridge, Nawal Shadeed said: “This is a unique Jamaican solution to raising funds, as we join forces with the Integrity Children’s Fund to solve the problem of teenage illiteracy in Jamaica.”
Aroma Ridge will roll out four distinctive flavours of coffee under the Integrity Children’s Fund label, namely, Rum French Vanilla, Jamaica Me Crazy, Island Breeze and Trench Town Jam.
President of Integrity Children’s Fund, Major Karl Chambers, expressed delight at enlisting the support of Aroma Ridge.
Integrity Children’s Fund supporters can order the Fund-branded coffee directly online by visiting: or, and using the promotion code INTEGRITY.
Major Chambers said that with each purchase of a bag of coffee, supporters will be helping to improve the lives, while making a mark on literacy among teenagers in Jamaica.
Noting that illiteracy limits the ability of these teenagers to reason rationally, Major Chambers said illiteracy was the primary factor in some turning to a life of crime. He stressed Integrity’s commitment to reducing the illiteracy rate among these at-risk teenagers, adding that Integrity operates on the vision of ‘Hope and opportunity for disenfranchised children in Jamaica’.
Integrity mainly provides needed resources for the children’s intellectual and social development.
Integrity Children’s Fund has contributed US$280,000 to three schools in Kingston and St. Andrew over the past seven years.
The beneficiary schools are Joy Town Learning Centre, a basic school making inroads in early childhood education in Trench Town; Operation Restoration Christian School, a remedial school attempting to assist illiterate teenaged students; and Peter’s Rock Preparatory School, a kindergarten and elementary school located in East Rural St. Andrew.

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