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The town of Lucea in Hanover was abuzz with excitement on Tuesday (Dec. 19), when the Mayor of Lucea, Lester Crooks, hosted a Christmas treat for children at the parish council building, followed by the municipal Christmas tree lighting ceremony and concert in the town square.
Approximately 1,500 children were treated to refreshment and gift packages as part of the Mayor’s annual Christmas treat, which got underway at mid-morning and continued into late afternoon. This was immediately followed by the tree lighting ceremony, with more than 3,000 persons in attendance.
Mayor Crooks, in his message, highlighted the need for peace in the communities, while Rev. Percival Lynch, who was the guest speaker at the ceremony, reminded his audience of the true meaning of Christmas. He said it was a season for giving, sharing and caring, and urged all to make every effort to show some love to their fellow man.
Secretary/Manager, Alfred Graham, expressed pleasure at the success of both the treat and the tree lighting ceremony. He said he was thankful for the corporate support for both events, adding that approximately $1.5 million in cash and kind was contributed.
“I am quite satisfied that we are meeting our expectations and satisfying the communities’ needs in terms of an event like this. Over the past three years, we have seen an increase in crowd support and each year, we try to provide some sort of entertainment that a lot of these people would not have the chance of experiencing or enjoying otherwise”, he stated.
The residents were also treated to a lively concert with performances from some of Jamaica’s top entertainers.

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