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Cooyah Designs on Friday (Dec. 15) hosted its third community outreach programme for 2006, at the National Water Commission’s football field in Mona, Kingston.
Residents of Mona and surrounding communities benefited from free blood sugar/blood glucose checks as well as health talks from the Health Services Department at the Northern Caribbean University.
In addition persons also received donations of household items such as rice, flour, sugar, biscuits and canned items from Lasco Distributors Limited, Jamaica Biscuit Company, Homestyle Juices, Pepsi and Mavis Bank Coffee Factory (Jablum).
Andrea Levy, Sales and Marketing Manager, Cooyah Designs, told JIS News that this community outreach programme was an indication that Cooyah is more than just a clothing line.
“It is important that as a corporate entity we give back to the community to create a bond with the people that has supported us over the years. Cooyah wants to be instrumental in creating and maintaining positive relationships in communities islandwide. We have hosted a few other community outreaches this year, in July we had a health fair in Port Antonio and in Portland Cottage in Clarendon,” she explained.
Miss Levy further said that Cooyah Designs since its inception in 2004 had provided scholarships for more than 25 secondary and tertiary level students.
“This is called the Club Cooyah Scholarship and during 2006/2007 we intend to assist at least 12 more students. It is very easy to win a scholarship from Cooyah, after every purchase of Cooyah clothing wears students are simply required to present their school identification card and fill out an entry form to have a chance to benefit,” she explained.
The Marketing Manager noted that come 2007 Cooyah Designs intended to continue its commitment to create and maintain links with communities and educational institutions.
Meanwhile, a number of residents expressed appreciation for the services that the company provided. Andrew Minott told JIS News that he was particularly pleased about the free medical check-up. “I came here for the free blood sugar tests and I am feeling good about the result. Cooyah is doing an excellent job here today and I really appreciate it,” he said.
Fifty-year-old Osmond Lewis also expressed his appreciation for the programme. “I was working and I heard that they were taking pressure over here so I come across and get the pressure checked. To be honest I wanted to go to the doctor a long time but I had no money, so I am glad for the free check up. Cooyah is doing a wonderful thing for the nation,” he said.

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