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The Hanover Health Department is taking a proactive approach, including increasing surveillance, to prevent the Influenza A (HINI) virus from spreading to the parish.
Hanover remains one of the parishes unaffected by the virus with no confirmed cases to date.
Addressing the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea on July 9, Acting Medical Officer of Health for the parish, Dr. Diahann Dale, said that several tests have been done on persons with flu-like symptoms, but they have all returned negative results for the H1N1 virus.
She said that the department is “keeping an active watch” and monitoring all cases of fever, respiratory illness, and other symptoms.
In keeping with the Ministry of Health’s pandemic influenza preparedness and response plan, infection control measures at the health facility have been strengthened, which involve secluding persons with respiratory ailments, and creating isolation areas for the proper management of suspected cases.
In addition, there has been continued public education on good hygiene and other preventative measures, and what to do if persons have flu-like symptoms.
“The public awareness in education and information activities are ongoing, with our health promotion team leading this effort in a major way. Many other members of the healthcare team continue to be party to this as we seek to sensitise persons on the basics,” Dr. Dale informed.
These efforts, she said, are being supported by the Ministry of Health’s media campaign.

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