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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, today (July 10) visited the training camp of the Third Battalion, Jamaica Regiment (National Reserve) in St. Catherine, and also toured the site of the unit’s outreach project.
The National Reserve is a volunteer unit, comprised of approximately 800 men and women, most of whom are employed in the public and private sectors.
While at the camp, located at the Twickenham Park Military Range, the Governor-General learnt more about the unit and observed the soldiers as they went through their various training drills and exercises. He also got a chance to practise his marksmanship, hitting his target spot several times.
Members of the National Reserves also took the Governor-General on a tour of the Caymanas Basic School in Caymanas Bay, where they addressed the students. The soldiers are currently helping with renovations at the school, which was chosen as the unit’s outreach project for this year in an effort to foster a closer relationship with the Caymanas Bay community.

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen (left), listens as Commanding Officer, Bravo Company, Major Courtney Dunkley, outlines the training soldiers undertake in the field. The Governor-General visited the Caymanas Bay area on July 10, to observe members of the National Reserve carry out training drills.

Major Radcliffe Daley said that members of the National Reserve repainted the building, built a kitchen, fixed two bathrooms, cleared the sewer, renovated a storeroom, removed wasps from the premises and cleared the yard.
Today, the students benefitted from a medical outreach, organised by the soldiers, which included dental checks from the Colgate mobile clinic.
“In addition, we have three doctors here from the Third Battalion, who are carrying out medical checks for back-to-school for the youngsters and also for the parents,” Major Daley said.
Meanwhile principal of the school, Estella Bennett, said the repairs done by the soldiers would help to enhance the teaching and learning environment. She shared that parents from the community were excited about the renovation and had volunteered their services to the effort.

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