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The Hanover Health Department has embarked on an extensive rodent eradication programme in Lucea, Hanover, to combat the increase in rodents in that town. “The problem of rodents in the town has resurfaced. We have started rebaiting critical areas especially in the commercial district, the market area and in the commercial area just last Friday,” Chief Public Health Inspector for Hanover, Derrick Storer, informed while presenting a report at the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council, on Thursday, (Jan. 10).
“We also have to advise some of the entrepreneurs to do rat-proofing of their premises,” he said.
Mr. Storer expressed the view that insufficient solid waste management and poor drainage and sewerage systems in Lucea was a source of the recurrent rodent problem that is being experienced.
“Unless we can get the infrastructure right, clean the drains regularly, get rid of the garbage on a timely basis, put in a sewage system, we will still have problems with rodents,” he emphasized.
The Chief Public Health Inspector explained that over the next few weeks the Department will endeavour to control the continuously increasing rat population in the town.
Meanwhile, in agreeing that these were the main causes for the rodent situation, Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lloyd Hill, congratulated the Public Health Department for being on top of the situation, and urged further action by way of serving notices on individuals and businesses that are found guilty of not disposing of their garbage in a suitable manner.

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