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The Ministry of Agriculture is actively examining a proposal to utilize mined-out bauxite lands to launch a major greenhouse expansion programme.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding made this disclosure on Friday (Jan. 11) while addressing the management of JAMALCO at the company’s processing plant in Hayes, Clarendon.
Mr. Golding visited the facility as part of a tour of health and other facilities in Clarendon, which was organized by Health and Environment Minister, Rudyard Spencer.
The Prime Minister said introducing high-technology agriculture to recovered bauxite lands was an undertaking he was committed to, especially since the lands had limited agricultural use. Hence he said, he had instructed the Agriculture Minister to look at the kinds of technology, including greenhouse, that would be appropriate for these types of lands.
“We would probably want to focus on those communities where there was dislocation to look at restoring a sort of economic space in those communities so we’re going to want to talk to all the bauxite companies about that,” Mr. Golding said.
Managing Director at Clarendon Alumina Works, Jerome Maxwell informed the Prime Minister that the company had already established a working relationship with the Ebony Park HEART Academy where a greenhouse will be placed to teach the participants how to farm using this technology.
He further informed that, “We went further and locked in the market for their produce so whatever they produce will be collected and taken to the North coast for tourism and some for export through Walkerswood”.
Mr. Maxwell assured Mr. Golding that JAMALCO stood ready to join forces and collaborate with the government in its greenhouse technology programme, which he said would no doubt increase agricultural yield.