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Assistant Country Programmes Director for the United States Peace Corp in Jamaica, Jimmy McNeil, has urged Jamaica 4H Club members in the parish of Hanover to always embrace excellence as they strove to develop, and be honest under all circumstances.
He encouraged students to reject all anti-social behaviour, and to seek to make positive contributions to the building of their society.
Mr. McNeil was addressing the Hanover 4H Clubs Parish Achievement Day, held at the Green Island Comprehensive High School, on Thursday, March 9.
“Making yourself into a good example in today’s world is not very easy, but I think that this is one of the best things you can do,” he told the students.
He advised the Club members to think before they acted, and to believe in themselves. Pointing out that there would be many decisions to make as they matured into adulthood, he told them to make exemplary choices.
Meanwhile, in his address Executive Director of the Jamaica 4H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton also encouraged good discipline, and proper dress code and behaviour.
“So my message is that creating wealth through youth development is creating skills, creating good attitudes, creating becoming behaviour, and dressing properly. If you have to dance to your music nothing is wrong with that but dance decently, and if you have to speak to your friends, speak softly,” he stated.
He said the 4H movement continued to play its part in youth development across the island, noting that the organisation had saved many youngsters from going astray. More than 1,500 members representing thirty-five 4H clubs from schools in the parish attended the achievement day ceremony.

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