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The Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) has called on Members of Parliament (MPs) and Councillors to encourage residents to get titles for their land.

“I am seeking the help of our MPs, as I think they have an impact. If they are able to corral their communities, then it would help us significantly (to provide titles),” Senior Manager for Community Development at the HAJ, Nakia McMorris, told JIS News.

The land titling programme undertaken by the HAJ since 2012 seeks to regularise informally occupied lands by providing eligible residents with land titles.

Mrs. McMorris said that MPs and Councillors are very influential community leaders and can speak to residents and members of their constituency about the importance of having their land titled, and the risks associated with residing on unregulated lands.

“We want them (MPs and Councillors) to come in and work collectively and devise a plan within their realm as to how they can support agencies that are trying to get titles out. It is really all about the consistency of the political representatives behind us,” she added.

Meanwhile, Senior Public Relations and Marketing Manager at the HAJ, Richard Jones, said that MPs are usually cooperative in helping the agency promote the message of the titling programme.

“We want them to understand that in the same way we are treating it as a top priority, we would love for them to prioritise it too and let their time and effort reflect this,” Mr. Jones said.

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