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A Green Paper on the public sector rationalisation plan, which contains the recommendations for the restructuring of ministries, departments and agencies, was tabled in the House of Representatives on July 20.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who tabled the document as Ministry Number 64, explained that the plan was tabled as a Green Paper to facilitate public discussion and consideration by the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee before final decisions are taken.
“Those recommendations have not been signed off by Cabinet. We felt it was important to present it as a Green Paper because it is of such fundamental importance that we feel it requires and would benefit significantly from public discussion,” Mr. Golding said.
He further noted that what has been presented focuses on the structure of the various entities of government, adding that the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU), which was set up in 2009 to create a transformed cohesive public sector, will now have to look at the culture of government, specifically the need to properly align authority with responsibility.
“There is a disconnect between authority and responsibility. In the revolution of the public sector, that in my view has been a major issue that has to be addressed. The output of that may very well require changes in the statutes that govern the conduct of government/public sector,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister urged members of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee to examine the document. “I know we are on the eve of the summer recess, but I am going to ask them to make appropriate times to be able to examine it and provide the House with the benefit of their own considerations and recommendations,” Mr. Golding said.
Based on the recommendations in the Green Paper, some of the entities to be privatised include: Caymanas Track Limited, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Petrojam Ethanol, Font Hill Properties, Factories Corporation of Jamaica, Parish Cemeteries, and Clarendon Alumina Production Limited.
Some of the entities that could be merged include: the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission and the Jamaica Racing Commission; the University Council of Jamaica with the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica to form the Jamaica Tertiary Commission; and the Creative Production and Training Centre, which deals with cultural productions should be subsumed under the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ).

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