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    The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Honourable Olivia Grange, MP has said that her Ministry is in process of organising a welfare fund and insurance coverage for national sportsmen and sportswomen.
    Minister Grange was speaking this afternoon (Tuesday) at a news conference to launch the 2010 Jamaica International Invitational track and field meet.
    “The Government through the SDF will make the usual commitment and we will be contributing twenty seven million dollars towards the meet”, said Minister Grange.
    And through the Sports Development Foundation, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is allocating a further 27 million dollars towards insurance coverage and a welfare fund for Jamaica’s elite sportsmen and sportswomen.
    Minister Grange said:”Not only are we putting our money where our mouth is, as it relates to the Jamaica International Invitational meet, but we are committed to supporting sports development in Jamaica and we will be announcing at a later date a fund that will be established to assist our athletes – it’s the athletes Welfare Fund and we have earmarked approximately 17 million dollars to use in that regard. We are also introducing, an insurance scheme and we have also put aside ten million dollars to invest in that insurance scheme.”
    The Minister will give details regarding the fund and insurance scheme at a later date.
    The Jamaica International Invitational Meet, scheduled for May 1 at the National Stadium will see athletes from around the world, competing against Jamaican stars.
    Minister Grange encouraged everyone to support the meet.

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