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The government should in two weeks, receive a detailed report on the conditions, which led to the collapse of a section of the hotel being constructed in Runaway Bay, St. Ann by the Pinero Group.
The incident resulted in the death of one worker and injuries to several others.
Officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the St. Ann Parish Council, including the Superintendent of Works, have completed their inspection of the rest of the site and are preparing a report, which should be submitted on Tuesday (August 8).
Minister of Information and Development, Senator Colin Campbell, at a meeting with representatives of the Pinero Group at Jamaica House this morning (Aug.6), said that he would be holding discussions with colleague ministers for Labour & Social Security and Local Government & Environment, with the aim of putting a regime in place, which would ensure strict adherence to safety and health practices at all major project sites, and the rigid enforcement of these measures.
He said that building inspectors must be on site to examine the structural quality and safety of projects and to ensure that workers wore protective devices at all times.
A section of the 1, 918-room Bahia Principe hotel, which is being constructed by the Spanish-based Pinero Group, collapsed on August 2. Twelve workers were admitted to hospital as result of the incident, with one person dying thereafter. The other 11persons have since been release from hospital, including an engineer from the Dominican Republic, who has returned home.
The developers have expressed regret at the loss of life and the injuries to workers.
Senator Campbell said that representatives of the Pinero Group have met with the family of the deceased and “comprehensive arrangements” have been made for the welfare of those affected, including aftercare through the company’s nursing station.
He informed that in addition to insurance compensation for the workers and their families, “compassionate resources” have been made available for them and the developers would also cover the funeral expenses of the deceased.
The Minister stated that no work would resume on the construction site until the regulators and the developers were satisfied that all issues regarding the safety of workers have been resolved.

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