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    The Government has committed to fast track e-commerce policies in order to facilitate business development, especially in the technology sector.

    This assurance was given by Youth and Culture Minister, Hon. Lisa Hanna, while speaking at the opening session of the Digital Jam 2.0 Forum on Friday (June 29) at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston.

    The move, she said, will enable young people to benefit from the vast areas of opportunities available within the virtual economy.

    “What we will be doing as a Government…is to fast track those policies that will be critical for e-commerce and everything else… that you need to make your businesses work, because those are the policies that will also allow you to take advantage. It doesn’t make sense we give you the training and at the end of it, the cutting edge policies (to support it) are not in place,” she stated.

    The forum was part of a three-day event to showcase the skills of young technology experts, expose them to job prospects and well as avenues to start their own business.

    Noting the potential of the technology industry, Miss Hanna said that the world of work has transformed over the years and areas which are considered “soft” are producing wealthy individuals.

    She noted for example, that “the people who are going to make money in this frontier and for the future are those people, who don’t make the phones but provide the software to drive the phones and everything else."

    The Digital Jam 2.0 programme of activities is a collaborative effort between the Government, the World Bank, local private sector companies and other developmental and technology-based partners in a creative response to the growing challenges of youth unemployment in Jamaica.

    It comprises a programme of events, competitions and other activities, which seek to open employment opportunities for technology-driven youths, who are either unemployed or enrolled in institutions.

    It is being financed through grant funding and other inputs totalling upwards of US$200,000. Since the launch on May 8, young people have been introduced to trends, training, job and entrepreneurial opportunities in the virtual economy, while showcasing their talents, ideas and successes.


    By Chris Patterson, JIS Reporter

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