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Minister with responsibility for Information, Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer, is appealing for more accomplished persons to give back to society by becoming mentors.

She said that one of the challenges facing young people today is the absence of role models and mentoring "from those of us, who have excelled and accomplished much". She noted that while many have benefitted from the inspiration and guidance of others, fewer are giving back. 

"When we look at our own success, I am sure we can all identify persons, who played an important role in the paths we have chosen in our lives. There is no telling where we would have ended up without such guidance," she stated.

Miss Falconer was delivering the keynote address at the 8th annual gala of the Merl Grove High School’s Past Student's Association North-Eastern American Chapter, held on Friday (June 29), at the Hilton Hotel in Greenbelt, Maryland.

She challenged the Merl Grove alumni, that, in addition to contributing cash and material resources to the school, to donate their time in sharing with the current students.

Stating that mentoring is one of the best ways to ensure that the cherished values inherited are passed on to succeeding generations, Minister Falconer said she firmly believes that part of the success of some of the traditional secondary schools is the personal involvement of  past students in the life of the institutions.   

These past students, she said, make their presence felt on the campus, they assist in coaching the teams, mentoring the youngsters and maintaining a connection in the life of the school.

"Becoming better citizens, better leaders and better stewards of our rock, is more than text-book learning. For this reason, those of us who have benefited from such an experience have an awesome responsibility to give back and help create wholesome schools for our children to grow and learn," she stated.

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