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The Government is to file papers in the Supreme Court within 14 days, to challenge the $12 billion arbitration award to the National Transport Co-operative Society (NTCS), led by Ezroy Millwood.
At a post-Cabinet press briefing on Monday (Oct. 13), Minister of Information, Senator Burchell Whiteman said Cabinet had accepted the recommendations of a Sub-Committee, to seek to set aside the arbitration award to the NTCS.
Senator Whiteman had stated last week, that Cabinet was awaiting a report of a further meeting of the special Sub-Committee, which was dealing with the arbitration award to the NTCS.
He said that Cabinet had received the report this week, and had spent some time considering it. Among the grounds on which the application would be based, Senator Whiteman said, was that a pre-condition of a fare increase was that there should be specific improvements in the quality of service provided, which did not take place.
The Minister informed that Cabinet had directed that there be an application for a stay of proceedings, and had authorized the Solicitor-General to assemble and lead the best available legal team to act on the Government’s behalf.

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