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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has expressed regret at the death of noted educator and theatre personality, Ted Dwyer. In an a statement from Jamaica House today (October 15, 2003) the Prime Minister said with Mr. Dwyer’s passing Jamaica had lost a son who excelled in many fields and gave selflessly to the development of a strong and wholesome society.
Mr. Patterson said the Government recalled with pride and gratitude Mr. Dwyer’s pioneering role in the development of Community Colleges in Jamaica and his distinguished leadership of Excelsior Community College.
“Ted Dwyer’s illustrious record of public service spans many decades over which period he made invaluable contributions to a wide range of national institutions including the Ministry of Finance, the Social Development Commission, the HEART Trust/NTA, the University of the West Indies, The Nursing Council of Jamaica, the Students Loan Bureau, the Jamaica Teachers Association, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, the former Cultural Training Centre and the Creative Production and Training Centre,” the Prime Minister said.
“It is in recognition of his seminal contributions to these various areas of national development that Mr. Dwyer was a recipient of the coveted Musgrave Medal for his service in education and the arts”, Mr. Patterson said.
The Prime Minister has expressed on behalf of the Government, condolences to Mr. Dwyer’s family and friends.

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