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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says that the Government is looking to gradually reopen the entertainment industry and will commence meetings this week to establish protocols for the resumption of activities.

“At our next (coronavirus) COVID-19 Management meeting, which would be Friday of this week, we will be looking at some of the proposals and suggestions,” he said.

The Prime Minister, who was addressing a virtual press conference from the Office of the Prime Minister Media Centre in Kingston on Monday (June 29), noted that he has heard the pleas of various players, and the priority is to ensure the safe reopening of the sector.

“We want to get you back up and running but we want to do it safely,” he said.

“It will take some time and I am not here telling you that next week or the week after, but at least we will start the process. Just as how we have done with bars and the churches and other areas that we have opened up, we follow the gradual approach and we also ensure that it is evidence-based and situationally appropriate,” Mr. Holness outlined.

He noted that the Economic Recovery Task Force would have already done “significant work” on some of the protocols to be used in some areas of the entertainment sector.

“So, we will put all of that together and we should now be in a position within the month of July, to see how best we can reopen some of the entertainment venues,” he said.

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