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Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sport, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, says government will be taking steps to protect and preserve archival material that contains footage and photographs related to Jamaica’s history, by digitizing what is available, especially what remains at the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). She said a committee will be established to look at the state of the JBC and government archives in general and make recommendations for their proper storage.
Minister Grange was speaking on Friday (Jan. 11) during a courtesy call with veteran filmmakers Cynthia Wilmot and Hilary Nicholson, who presented her with the first DVD of their latest production, ‘Time Trip,’ a docudrama about Jamaican and Caribbean history.
Miss Grange said efforts will be made to retrieve material belonging to Jamaica but which are located abroad, with a view to including them in our local archive. She said Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora will also be asked to make contribution to the archives, in order to that the country can have a proper record of its history.
‘Time Trip’ is produced by Video for Change and directed by Cynthia Wilmot and Hilary Nicholson, with the kind support of the CHASE Fund. It features six- 17 minute episodes on Jamaican and Caribbean history and covers the period from the existence of the first inhabitants to the revolution in Haiti and across the region. The Film culminates with the freedom fighters, who fought for an end to slavery in the region.
Minister Grange welcomed the production, citing it as an indication of the endless possibilities for the development of the cultural industries in Jamaica. The production will be one of the featured films at the Reggae Film Festival which will be staged in February during Reggae month.

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