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The Hanover Health Department, has once again called for the relocation of the Tryall Gardens Housing Scheme central sewerage plant.
At the first monthly meeting of the newly elected Councillors, held at the Hanover Parish Council, on Thursday (January 10), Chief Public Health Inspector for the parish, Derrick Storer, pointed out that although the Tryall Gardens Housing Scheme plant is aesthetically well kept, there is a strong odour continuously emanating from it. The system is adjacent to the Sandy Bay Main road, at the front of the Tryall Gardens Housing Scheme.
“The plant we notice has been maintained with bushing, but as we have mentioned time and time again in this council, the overall solution to the plant is to relocate it because the problems that it has, especially with odour, because of the nature of the plant, it will not go away,” he told the meeting.
The relocation of the plant was previously proposed by the Hanover Health Department, and a site in the Kenilworth area of the parish has been identified by the Health Department as a more suitable location.
Speaking with JIS News after the meeting, Mr. Storer explained that the proposed site would allow for a larger facility to be constructed, with the capacity to deal with more sewage from a wider geographical area. He said that sewage from areas such as Sandy Bay, Blue Hole and Kenilworth could be channeled to the proposed site easily.
Meanwhile Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council and Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lloyd Hill, expressed full support for the relocation of the plant, but noted that the relocation is not the responsibility of the Council.
He told JIS News that the facility is in fact the responsibility of the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC), the developers of the housing scheme, as it has not yet been taken over by the National Water Commission (NWC).
He stated that he would be making every effort to bring all the relevant stakeholders on the issue together, with a view to bringing the matter to a suitable and swift resolution.

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