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    The Government Electrical Regulator (GER) application (app) is in the second phase of development and is expected to become available to the public on November 1.

    In accordance with the Electricity Act (2015), the app, which was initiated under the GER organisational buildout, aims to develop user interfaces to facilitate online licensing of electrical inspectors, registration of electricians, and enrollment of technical electrical assistants.

    The platform is consistent withthe Government’s agenda to transition Jamaica to a digital society.

    Electricity sector stakeholders participated in a virtual web portal walkthrough of the portal on Friday (September 17).

    Project Manager, Natalie Allen, told JIS News that a test run of the app, which will be the primary means of conducting business with the GER, is scheduled for October.

    The app will allow users to solicit the services of an electrician or inspector to conduct work at their premises and generate compliance certificates at the end of the inspection process.

    Additionally, it will provide administrative features for managing user accounts and generating system reports.

    The GER represents an amalgamation of the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) and the Board of Examiners (BOE).

    Its key objectives include improving the efficiency of electrical work inspections; enhancing professionalism within the industry; and increasing transparency and public accessibility to services related to electrical works and inspections by approved professionals.

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