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Government’s support for the education transformation system programme has been boosted with the provision of more than $675 million in the 2010/11 Estimates of Expenditure.
The project is to provide support to the Ministry of Education’s policy to expand compulsory education from age 16 to 18 by providing approximately 2,100 additional secondary school spaces; operationalise the new agencies that are key to improving capacity for delivering high quality education; set up mechanisms to mobilise additional resources for the education sector; and garner stakeholder support for the Education Transformation Programme (ETP).
Physical achievements to date include: establishment of the Change Management Unit; licensing and registration development and National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL) conceptualised; commencement of work to design governance arrangements for the region.
Other achievements include the selection of two out of the three possible sites for the National Education Trust (NET) and board members identified.
The targets anticipated for 2010 to 2011 include: procuring software and hardware to facilitate the Education Management Information System; conducting at least 150 school inspections; completing teacher registration; finalising standards for a licensing regime and the concept for the Quality Education Circles (QECs); and undertaking pilots in regions one and two.
Additionally, consultants will be engaged to provide public relations/communications support in respect of NET’s mandate; the tender process for the construction of two of a possible three schools will commence; while services will be procured for a national literacy survey.
The project, which is being funded by the International American Development Bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Government of Jamaica, is slated to end in March 2014.

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