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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw is to outline to the country how the $503.9 billion budget for 2010/11 will be financed, when he opens the Budget Debate on Thursday, April 8, at Gordon House.
When the Minister tabled the Estimates of Expenditure in the House on March 25, the figures showed that $499.38 billion was budgeted for the new fiscal year, with $339.67 billion allocated for Recurrent (house keeping) expenses, and $159.71 billion for Capital (development) spending.
However, when the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives met on March 30 to consider the Estimates, the Minister pointed out that an additional $4.6 billion would be added to the budget for pensions, back pay and the Constituency Development Fund. The Standing Finance Committee deliberated from March 30 to 31.
After Mr. Shaw opens the Budget Debate, which will last until April 21, selected members of the Government and the Opposition will make presentations.
Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr. Omar Davies, is expected to make his presentation on Tuesday, April 13, while presentations will be made by a Government Minister and an Opposition Spokesperson on Wednesday, April 14.
On Thursday, April 15, Opposition Leader, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller is scheduled to make her contribution to the debate.
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding is slated to make his presentation on Tuesday, April 20. The Finance Minister will close the debate on Wednesday, April 21.
After the Budget Debate is completed, other members of the House of Representatives will make their presentations in the Sectoral Debate, which follows.

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