Ministry of Tourism

Head Minister Email:

The Ministry of Tourism is responsible for the management and promotion of Jamaica’s tourism product.

The ministry has adopted the “New Tourism” approach to its long-term vision which will see a government entity that is more adaptable to the ever-changing environment facing world tourism.

At the core of this concept is a coherent partnership between public and private sectors as well as the Jamaican people, to ensure benefits for large and small industry stakeholders.



  • Bath Fountain of St. Thomas the Apostle
  • Devon House Development Company
  • Jamaica Reservation Services Limited (In winding up process)
  • Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB)
  • Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC)
  • Milk River Hotel and Spa
  • River Rafting Authority
  • Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)
  • Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO)
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