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Ministry Overview

The Ministry of Tourism is responsible for the management and promotion of Jamaica’s tourism product.

The ministry has adopted the “New Tourism” approach to its long-term vision which will see a government entity that is more adaptable to the ever-changing environment facing world tourism.

At the core of this concept is a coherent partnership between public and private sectors as well as the Jamaican people, to ensure benefits for large and small industry stakeholders.



  • Bath Fountain of St. Thomas the Apostle
  • Devon House Development Company
  • Jamaica Reservation Services Limited (In winding up process)
  • Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB)
  • Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC)
  • Milk River Hotel and Spa
  • River Rafting Authority
  • Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)
  • Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO)

Our Vision
“Tourism, the engine of innovation and sustainable economic growth.”

Our Mission
“Create unique tourism experiences that will transform Jamaica’s landscape, the talents of its people and vibrant culture into opportunities for a better Jamaica.”

Tourism News

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