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    Wigton Wind Farm Limited

    Corporate Overview

    • Wigton Windfarm comprises two phases: Wigton I (20.7 MW installed in 2004 at a cost of US$26 Million) and Wigton II (18 MW installed in 2010 at a cost of US$47.5 Million).
    • At approximately 30% capacity factor, the projected annual outputs are 97.5GWH and 76,291 metric tonnes of CERs respectively.
    • Wigton is in the process of developing a Wigton III project of capacity 24 MW.


    • To be the premier renewable energy company in Jamaica, involved in the development, installation and promulgation of wind and photovoltaic grid tied systems.
    • To operate the business profitably and, in doing so, act as a catalyst for encouraging other entrants into the industry.
    • To operate in an environmentally friendly manner and be a good corporate citizen.
    • To foster and train persons in renewable energy and so develop a cadre of experts which would see the building of technical capacity in Jamaica and regionally.


    • Demonstrate viable renewable energy (RE) enterprises.  Lobby for RE policies, while maintaining profitable business, delivering clean energy and promoting environmentally friendly benefits.
    • To expand wind capacity in order to achieve a critical mass and economies of scale, thereby bringing down unit costs and increasing profitability of the wind energy business.
    • To aid in the fulfilment of Government Of Jamaica’s objectives for increased renewable energy penetration to 30% by 2030.

    Wigton has the following strengths to support its objectives:

    • Human capacity for proper management of existing plant and for planning and executing future expansions.
    • Expertise at operating largest wind farm in the English speaking Caribbean at world class standard
    • Expansion potential to  give economies of scale, which would result in increased profitability and enhanced return on investment
    • Capacity to parlay human resources for training which has the potential to give a third income stream and be the catalyst for renewable energy development in the country and the region
    • Proven track record in corporate citizenship at the community level, e.g. at schools and local police stations. ,


    Wigton is operated by a Management Team & a Board of Directors.  The corporate office is located at 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10. There are 6 members of staff at the Kingston office. The  Windfarm complex is located in Rose Hill, Manchester where there is a team of 7 including Engineers, Technicians, and an administrator/tour coordinator.

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