Wallenford Coffee Company

Surrounded in the mist, high in the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee. At 5,000 feet above sea level the rich soil and continuous rainfall serendipitously combined to create conditions perfect for cultivating the world’s most distinguished brew, the Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee. Famous for its perfection in flavour, intense aroma and balanced taste, Wallenford 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® is the most sought after brand in the world; this unique coffee fills the senses with textures and emotions, soothes the spirit and satisfies the soul.

Matthew Wallen, an Irishman, sailed into Jamaica as an Admiral in the British Navy in 1746 and soon after pursued his greater passion as a Botanist. Dedicated to his craft, he recorded over 400 varieties of ferns and grew coffee. Later he bought additional property, now known as Wallenford Farms, where coffee has been cultivated for over 250 years.

Today, Wallenford Coffee Company Limited is a private company whose shares are wholly-owned by the Government of Jamaica. The operations of the company are vertically integrated with its principal activities being the cultivation, purchasing and processing of cherry coffee into green beans, and further processing of roasted coffee and other coffee products.

Wallenford Coffee Company is one of the major exporters of both the Jamaica Blue Mountain® and the Jamaica High Mountain® coffee in the country. The company offers a complete line of roasted coffee products for the local and international markets.

Our Farms and Pulperies

Wallenford Coffee Company is a large cultivator of Jamaica Blue Mountain and Jamaica High Mountain Coffee in the island. The company owns approximately 2,430 acres of land of which 660 acres are under cultivation. Our farms span two parishes within the Blue Mountains namely St. Andrew and Portland and three parishes within the High Mountain regions namely Clarendon, St. Catherine and St. James.

The company also owns pulping factories within both regions which carry out the first stage of coffee processing. At these facilities, the beans are washed and removed from the skin (pulp) and are then loaded in trucks which are transported to our Tarentum Drying & Finishing Works Plant located in the parish of Clarendon. At Tarentum, the beans are dried, hulled, graded, sorted, handpicked and packaged for storage.


Mission Statement 

To be the leading purveyor of the finest coffee in the world by taking the Jamaican Coffee Experience to select coffee lovers globally in a profitable, quality conscious, and sustainable way while providing the maximum benefits to all our stakeholders.

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