Urban Development Corporation (UDC)

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) was established in March 1968 with the mandate to improve the urban fabric of metropolitan regions across the island.

The UDC arose from the need for a developer in the public interest, which would combine the authority and resources of Government, with the expertise and dynamism of the private sector, supported by appropriate legislative powers.

Since its inception in 1968, the UDC has effectively transformed Jamaica’s most viable urban centres and strategic rural towns, whilst preserving the natural environment, traditions and customs and spurring economic development.
In addition, the UDC manages the Tax Incentive Programme (TIP) for Urban Renewal, which aims to stimulate urban renewal by revitalizing historic centres and providing opportunities for private capital stakeholders to participate in the re-development of blighted areas.

The Corporation also manages the Kingston City Centre Improvement Company (KCCIC), a non-profit entity which is mandated to redevelop the downtown Kingston area.

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