Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN)

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica was established under the Statistics (Amendment) Act 1984  on April 9, 1984. The Institute has been invested with all the powers formerly vested in the Department of Statistics and previously the Bureau of Statistics (which came into existence in 1946) along with other powers.
The Statistical Institute of Jamaica is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and Planning.
The main functions of the Institute are:
  • to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and condition of the people;
  • to collaborate with public agencies in the collection, compilation and publication of statistical information including statistical information derived from the activities of such agencies;
  • to take any census in Jamaica; and
  • generally to promote and develop integrated social and economic statistics pertaining to Jamaica and to co-ordinate programmes for the integration of such statistics, in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
The Office of the Director General (ODG)

The organization is headed by the Director General who has overall responsibility for the operations of the Institute and specific responsibility for the non-technical divisions. The Director General is assisted by the Deputy Director General who has responsibility for the technical divisions. The responsibilities of the ODG include monitoring of the Institute’s efficiency in carrying out its functions and ensuring that the Institute operates within various legislations and governing policies.


The Institute is further divided into eight divisions, each of which is headed by a Director.

Administrative Statistics

This division provides detailed statistical data and analysis in the areas of External Trade and Indices and Price Analyses.

Census, Demographic and Social Statistics

This division is responsible for matters relating to the planning, execution and administration of all censuses undertaken by the Institute and also for research and analysis based on demographic, social and environment statistics.

Economic Accounting

The responsibilities of this division are to develop, analyze and publish statistics relating to the economic life of the country and to advise on the interpretation of the trends as they develop.

Corporate Services

The main responsibilities of this division include strategic planning, recruitment, personnel administration, provision of office accommodation, transport, purchasing and the management of the financial resources of STATIN. This division is also responsible for research, marketing, public education, the provision of information services and printing services. The Institute’s Library is also a part of this division.

Research Design and Evaluation

The division is responsible for sampling and design, research and methodology, quality management and classification.

Field Services

The Field Services division has the responsibility for the data collection activity undertaken by the Institute for use by the various divisions of the Institute as well as for other organizations.This division is also responsible for producing maps and graphic designs for STATIN.

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