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National Education Trust Ltd. (NET)

Education is everybody’s business and so everyone in our society is encouraged to give back to the institution that has helped to develop them into educated, talented and responsible citizens. Many of you have fond memories of your childhood days, especially the time spent in school. As beneficiaries of the education system, we have a civic duty to respond to the challenges and to assist in transforming our nation’s education system. There is a Jamaican living in almost every country in the world. Whether you live in Jamaica, or are a part of the Diaspora, we welcome your contribution towards the development of the education system.


Consequently, the National Education Trust (NET) was created with you in mind. The NET is a Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Company limited by guarantee and is the executing agency for GOJ’s strategic objectives in enabling and maintaining investments in education. The policy direction for the establishment of the NET is set out in the Honourable Minister of Education’s 2008 Sectoral Presentation, which is as follows: “The concept of the NET is borne out of the need to create a secure and certain fiscal space for on-going long-term capital investment and infrastructure development in education.”


The NET is the institutional vehicle charged with the responsibility of nurturing our relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Through the operations of the NET, it is our goal to have philanthropy directly aligned with the needs of the Jamaican education system so as to expand quality educational access to our nation’s children, empower a disenfranchised people, increase social mobility and build human capital.

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