Jamaica Police Academy

  • Address: Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

he Jamaica Police Academy of the J.C.F., has in recent years taken on the task of revising and upgrading its training programme. It is the vision of the Jamaica Police Academy to be as competitive internationally in the quality of Police Officers it has enlisted as any other nation.

In achieving this goal, constant research, evaluation, upgrading and revision of the training curriculum is compulsory. The quality of instructors at the Jamaica Police Academy is of such that this task is achievable given the support it deserves.

Laws and Police Procedures is one subject area offered at the Police Academy. This involves a theoretical and practical knowledge of the “Police Work” and is enhanced by experiences of the instructors who have been exposed to similar situations and have integrated the knowledge and skills acquired, into active Police duties.

The residence phase of recruit training is delivered in four structured stages called; Foundation Courses, Elementary, Intermediate and Final. These stages are designed to be graduated levels with matriculation predicated on the successful completion of the preceding stage.

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